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Multimedia artist Joey Skaggs has been called everything from the World's Greatest Hoaxer to a royal pain in the ass. He's been threatened, assaulted, summonsed, subpoenaed, arrested, deposed, dismissed, trivialized, maligned, even thanked and praised. In fact, Skaggs is America's most notorious socio-political satirist, media activist, culture jammer, hoaxer, and dedicated proponent of independent thinking and media literacy.

What follows is a partial documentation of Joey Skaggs' conceptual media performance work. It is not all inclusive and it is not his life story. However it is intended to illustrate Skaggs' evolutionary process as an artist who uses the media as his medium. Hopefully it will serve as an educational tool for all media consumers.

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Retro = a retrospective of Skaggs' work with documentation dating back to 1966
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*Announcing: New York City's 31st Annual April Fools' Day Parade!
SinoVision English Channel's coverage of the 2015 April Fools' Day Parade committee

*ART OF THE PRANK movie, the new feature doc about Joey Skaggs, directed by Andrea Marini
Watch the teaser trailer here
Slamdance Jury Award: Honorary Mention for Documentary Feature
Next screenings: Atlanta, LA, and Chicago. More announcements coming soon
Visit ArtofthePrank-TheMovie.com/Screenings for details
What people say about the film
Press (more here)
Prank God: Joey Skaggs On Bio Doc at Slamdance, Alt Morning Show 101.9
Film Colossus Interview Intro
Film Colossus Interview: Director, Editor, Producer: Andrea Marini
Documentary looks at the 'Art of the Prank', Park Record, Park City, Utah
2016 Slamdance Interview: Andrea Marini (Art of the Prank), Indienyc.com
Step Inside the Mobile Confessional Booth in Exclusive 'Art of the Prank' Clip, Indiewire
Slamdance 2016 Preview: Meet The Filmmakers, Part 2
Slamdance Festival Competition Lineup Unveiled (Exclusive), Variety
Joey Skaggs, il truffatore dei media si racconta, LabIULM clipreporter (video in Italian)
MOVIES: Denver Film Festival: Five ways to go out with a bang, Denver Post
SVA First Person: Joey Skaggs on the 'Art of the Prank'
'Art of the Prank', An Upcoming Documentary About the Glorious History of Prankster
Joey Skaggs

'Huffington Post Weird News Facebook
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*The Fat Squad revisited - The sad truth: Truth is the first casualty of the war for Web traffic, Globe & Mail, February 10, 2015

*BIGFOOT mysteriously returned to the Tiny Top Circus, but while on exhibition at Perform Chinatown, July 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA, he escaped again...
New Bigfoot video
Information, press release and poster here

*BIGFOOT sightings at the NYC Gay Pride Parade, a July 4th celebration, and FIFA.

* Bigfoot! Captured and on exhibition, June 7, 2014, 12:00 noon, Washington Square Park, NYC
Tiny Top Circus Press Release, PR Newswire
Tiny Top Circus Announces a Public Exhibition of Bigfoot in New York City, Laughing Squid
Bigfoot Escapes!!!, video by Tony Torn
Event photos, Flickr
Bigfoot Unveiling Turns Into Huge Toe Job, Huffington Post
'Bigfoot' Escapes From The Tiny Top Circus Exhibition in New York City, Laughing Squid

* Check out the WNPR interview with Joey Skaggs: April Fool's! Exploring Pranks and Practical Jokes, April 1, 2014

* Listen to interview with Joey Skaggs on Pranks and Hoaxes, produced by Wisconsin Public Radio and distributed by Public Radio International

* Gallery of Joey Skaggs paintings, sculptures & event photos

* Lucky Loser: My Aborted Attempt to Kidnap Sam Shepard, by Joey Skaggs, Huffington Post

* Joey Skaggs at Advertising Week Europe in London
Festival information
It's no joke: America's top prankster comes to London, The Independent (mid-page)
Joey Skaggs - the most notorious socio-political satirist talks to Jessie Brinton, Run Riot!
Mark Borkowski on Joey Skaggs - 'the world's biggest prankster', The Drum
Crowd Control & the Power of the Hoax: What Can Advertising Learn from Stuntsters?,
Huffington Post UK
Joey Skaggs: novelty silliness and well-packaged rebellion, New Statesman
Loose Ends, BBC Radio4

* The Golden Age of the Cockroach, Vice.com
John Reed reviews cockroach art through the ages, placing Joey Skaggs'
Metamorphosis: Cockroach Vitamin Pill hoax smack dab in the Golden Age

* Santa's Missile Tow targets the United Nations, November 13, 2012
'Santa Claus' At UN: Prankster Joey Skaggs Demands Nuclear Disarmament, HuffPo
Santa: Missile Tow Protest, Hot995.com
Santa's Missile Tow photos at facebook.com/joeyskaggs.prankster

* Banksy's debut television special, The Antics Roadshow, in which Joey Skaggs appears, premiered in the U.S., Saturday, June 2, 2012, at 8 p.m. on Logo TV
Watch a preview here
Rent/buy the show at Amazon.com

* Muppets Revenge! Announcing the debut of Mobile Homeless Homes
Monday, April 23, 2012, Joey Skaggs paraded his Mobile Homeless Homes prototype
to Goldman Sachs with his troupe of costumed muppets including the
Fresh Juice Party band performing their original "Mobile Homeless Blues" ballad, (lyrics)
Full story and photos here

May 1, 2012, Skaggs, his Mobile Homeless Home, and the muppets joined the May Day
marching down Broadway Unity Rally from Union Square in New York

Mobile Homeless Homes on Facebook
Mobile Homeless Homes press release
Mobile Homeless Homes flyer

* Coventry University Open Class in Creative Activism presents:
Guest Podcast - The Art of the Prank and Culture Jamming with Joey Skaggs

* Joey Skaggs: World's Largest Bra Record Should Be Mine, Huffington Post
Mark Borkowski muses on Joey Skaggs, Giant Bras and the Origins of Creativity

* Mentiroso profissional, Quem Magazine, Brazil

* The art of the perfect prank, BBC News Magazine

* Check out The Artiness of Naughtiness BBC radio show produced by Rob Alexander, hosted by Toby Amies and featuring Joey Skaggs, among others. Aired Friday, April 1, 2011.
Listen to the mp3 here

* Visit Joey Skaggs' page on Facebook Comments are welcome

* Joey Skaggs' Art of the Prank blog is now on Facebook Comments are welcome there as well

* The Art of the Prank Blog, edited by Joey Skaggs, is now on Laughing Squid's Cloud service, and has changed Web addresses (from Pranks.com) to ArtofthePrank.com. Visit the site to update your bookmarks and/or subscribe for email/RSS updates!

* Joey Skaggs' Universal Bullshit Detector Watch
It's Real and It's a Collectible!
Press Release
What the Media is Saying
The Bullshit Detector Watch on Facebook

* Joey Skaggs Library Reading Room


* Bring Joey Skaggs to your city!


* Brera Academy, Milan, Italy
* Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione, IULM, Milan, Italy
* Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Hofstra University, New York
Advertising Week Europe, London, England
* Occupy the Truth: Whistleblowers Conference, Oakland, California
* John Cabot University, Rome, Italy
* Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione, IULM, Milan, Italy
* The Wilde Years: Four Decades of Shaping Visual Culture, New York, NY
* Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris, France
* ZKM Center for Art & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany
* Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky
* Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, California
* University of Guelph College of Arts, Guelph, Canada
* 7a*11d 6th Annual International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto, Canada
* Do Me! Performance Project, Toronto, Canada
* Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada
* University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia
* China Academy of Art / Shanghai Institute of Design, Shanghai, China
* Beijing Broadcasting University Beijing, China
* The Influencers festival in Barcelona, Spain
* Break 2.2 Festival and Symposium, Ljubljana, Slovenia
* Art Attack EACC Museum in Castellon, Spain
Attack Theater EACC Museum catalog text
* 20/20 Live Chat on ABC.com (pdf)
* Toyota Comedy Festival in New York, Skaggs performance


* The Golden Age of the Cockroach, Vice.com
* Prankster Joey Skaggs Demands Nuclear Disarmament, Huffington Post
* Santa: Missile Tow Protest, Hot995.com
* April Fools' Day Gags No Laughing Matter To Some Professional Pranksters, Huffington Post
* Jumping the Snark, Mother Jonesprintable pdftext
* The New Pranksters, Wall Street Journalprintable pdftext
* Media Commentary on the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch
* The Globe and Mail, Article about Prankster Comedypdf
* The Media Manipulator (No, Not Santa!) Honolulu Weekly Cover Story
* RE/Search Pranks 2 Interview
Kid Stuff, LA Weekly Review of Re/Search Pranks 2
* Joey Skaggs, NY Arts Magazinepdftext
* The Well-Cooked Journalist, by Joey Skaggs, Dnevnik, Slovenia
Slovene Version pdf
* Gotcha!..., US News & World Report, Cover Story
* Hoaxes Without End, McSweeney's #8
* DUPED! When journalists fall for fake news, Quill Magazine
* If You Fool Us Once, Jail for You, The New York Timestext
* This Isn't Funny, by Joey Skaggs
* Cartoon about Skaggs from the Big Book of Hoaxes
* In Praise of a Liar, ABCnews.com
* Journalists Really Do Have an Agenda, The New York Timestext
* Justice in the Blood, Time Magazine
* Interview with Joey Skaggs, Visual Opinion (V0)
* The Art of the Con, by Joey Skaggs, Extra!
* Interview with Joey Skaggs, Fade to Black Comedy Magazine

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