NEW YORK POST, Page Six, November 25, 1999

By Richard Johnson with Jeane MacIntosh

Rabble rouser

OUR favorite media hoaxer Joey Skaggs -- who fools folks every year with his elaborate plans for the nonexistent April Fools Day Parade -- insists he really will be in Washington Square Park on Dec. 4 to present "Doody Rudy." It's a participatory event in which the public is invited to hurl elephant dung at a portrait of Mayor Giuliani portrayed as the Virgin Mother. The satirist's press release promises: "A giant barrel of elephant poop will be provided...A $1 contribution per 'load' will be donated to Housing Works Inc. to benefit homeless people with AIDS." Asked how he was able to obtain the dung, Skaggs replied, "There's no shortage of bleep in this city."


© 1999 Joey Skaggs