Voice, SCOOP

Better check your facts, guys

By Noe Goldwasser

Picking up on one or two published reports about it, Channel 7's intrepid Eyewitness News team went ahead with an item on artist Joey Skaggs's "Cathouse for Dogs." The story had been retold (on cable TV's "Midnight Blue" and in the SoHo Weekly News) about an amazing institution where masters could bring their horny canines for servicing by any of a number of sexy bitches in a plushly sultanic harem of doggy delight. The station's news story went so far as to bring on a veterinary expert, who proceeded to castigate the cathouse for what he was sure was cruelty to animals. Was Channel 7's face red when they found out the shole thing was a hoax, a mere fantasy from the oft-weird Skaggs. Skaggs, meanwhile, is delighted at the media's blunder, hailing it as fitting documentation for his staged imitation of reality. He's been bombarded with calls from serious journalists and angry animal-lovers who swallowed the press release about relaxing in a well-appointed waiting room while your pet gets laid. "The media loved this kind of bullshit so much they didn't even bother to check it out," says Skaggs. He's compiling reels of tape on his April Fool's art work, including the "Midnight Blue" show he staged with models and their dogs, and the media's blow-up of indigination over the Affaire Irma La Pooch.


© 1997 Joey Skaggs