Putting on the Dog

The "Happy News" hot dogs of ABC-TV's flagship Channel Seven in New York City got royally suckered recently when they broadcast a serious report concerning a phony canine whorehouse for horny dogs in the Big Apple. After Manhattan's soft-core cable TV show. Midnight Blue, had interviewed doggy "whoremaster" Joey Skaggs (a widely known New York artist and prankster) in the midst of his bogus "cathouse for dogs." ABC's Eyewitness News apparently smelled a scoop instead of a pile of dogshit and leaped on the story without looking. Eyewitness News even brought a veterinary expert on their show who railed that the doggy bordello was nothing more than "cruelty to animals."

When Skaggs revealed that the whole story was a put-on, both Midnight Blue and ABC Eyewitness News were equally red-faced to have been so completely flimflammed. The producers of Midnight Blue owned up to their gullibility with sheepish "We-been-had" grins, but ABC declined to comment on the shaggy dog story. A public relations flack at Channel Seven sniffed. "Eyewitness News would not want to be placed in the same category with Midnight Blue -- which seems rather unsporting of ABC, considering they apparently picked up the story from Blue in the first place. The whole incident just goes to show that folks in the raunch scene can take a good joke on themselves -- and the poor assholes who work in the "straight" media can't.


© 1997 Joey Skaggs