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"Cathouse" for Dogs Clean Up

New York - A cathouse for dogs has opened here and business is booming.

Joe Skaggs, proprietor of the Greenwich Village establishment, says that for $50 (no credit cards accepted), he will provide your mutt with a female companion in a state of artificially-induced heat, and a resident photographer to preserve the memory of your Fido in action.

Says Skaggs, "It's a place where genuine doglovers bring their mutts to see them have a good time. It fills a need in a dog-oriented community.

"We guarantee complete satisfaction. If a dog can't perform, we'll bring the female to his home, his own territory, where he feels more secure."

Business is so good that Skaggs is planning to open more cathouses. "There'll be astro-turf and plastic hydrants," he says. "We're even having bumper stickers printed that read: 'Get a little tail for your dog'."


© 1997 Joey Skaggs