Bigfoot & the Tiny Top Circus

2014, New York, New York

Joey Skaggs, proprietor of the Tiny Top Circus, the world's only pataphysical circus, featuring the greatest and the smallest traveling show on earth, posted a $10 million dollar reward for the capture and safe return of Bigfoot, the 8th Wonder of the World, and the company's star attraction.

Tiny Top Circus, known for its strange and gifted performers, expert in unusual acts of bravery and skill, always amazes, shocks and entertains.

But its future is now uncertain.

On June 7, 2014, while on an international tour, and in the middle of a circus performance, Bigfoot escaped from his cage in New York's Washington Square Park.

The elusive creature made a dash through the park and disappeared into a nearby subway station. Although there have been sightings, he remains on the loose. Mayor Bill de Blasio says an ongoing investigation is underway.

See more photos of the June 7 event here and watch The Bigfoot Movie, by Kate McCamy.

Authorities are searching and citizens are on alert. Warning: Bigfoot is extremely dangerous. People with information, sightings or inquiries are requested to contact Peppe Scaggolini, Tiny Top Circus Information Officer at info @

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