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March 26, 2007


NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Famed media hoaxer Joey Skaggs is seriously excited for his 22nd Annual April Fools' Day Parade in New York.

The theme of this year's parade is "The Circus Is Coming! The Circus Is Coming!" and it's intended to honor all the wacky, media circus events and people that made the year fun for fools.

To that end, the parade will feature tons of celeb look-a-likes including Senator John Kerry with his mouth taped shut and Paul McCartney sawing off Heather Mills' wooden leg -- all vying to be this year's King Of Fools.

Blabber mouths Mel Gibson, Isaiah Washington and Michael Richards will also be there, each acting like fools by providing colorful commentary on the parade.

Elaborate floats will cruise the parade, including the "King-Of-The-Blow-Hards" float starring Donald Trump ranting and raving while former Miss USA Tara Conner cries and polishes his shoes.

While Skaggs expects a variety of fools in attendance, he speculates the most popular look-a-likes in the parade will be Anna Nicole Smith impersonators followed by "20 guys claiming to be her baby's daddy."

Skaggs can't wait to march into Washington Square with his foolish posse adding, "As long as people are able to laugh at themselves and others, it's gonna be great!"

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