March 28, 2002

April Fools Parade pokes fun
at Osama and Dubya

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) - Here's a sign at least some New Yorkers are recovering from Sept. 11: An upcoming "April Fools" parade in Manhattan will poke fun at both Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush.

Next Monday's parade will feature a "U.S. Intelligence Float" filled with puzzled government agents scratching their heads while the World Trade Center burns, as well as a cab-driving Osama.

A Bush imposter will walk the parade route flinging pretzels to the crowd, while a double of American Taliban John Walker Lindh cruises by on a Segway scooter and a man dressed like "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid tries to light his sneakers.

Although the hot button displays could upset New Yorkers, organizer Joey Skaggs doesn't mind. He says he hopes the parade offends lots of people because that's the whole point.


© 2002 Joey Skaggs