New York Post
Page Six
March 30, 2000

By Richard Johnson

Here's a parade without a permit

THE 15th annual April Fools Day Parade, which many Fifth Avenue residents consider their favorite parade of the year, will feature an Atlanta Braves Baseball Tribute to Racism Float with John Rocker spewing racial epithets at the crowd. Of course, the reason it's the locals' favorite is that it exists only in the imagination - and press releases - of media hoaxer Joey Skaggs, who scams hundreds of people into showing up each year. The event, if it existed, would kick off at noon Saturday at Grand Army Plaza and march south to Washington Square Park (real parades march up the avenue). There would be a Where's Mars? NASA Float that cost $10 billion to build, and marching lookalikes of Mayor Rudy Giuliani throwing elephant dung and Hillary Clinton handing out Yankee caps. To raise money for next year's parade, there would be a Special Auction for Custody of Elian Gonzalez. And at the end, Skaggs says, "a concession booth will sell surplus Y2K food. Every purchase comes with a complimentary can of Spam." The parade was created, says Skaggs, "to commemorate the perennial folly of mankind" and to "bring people back in touch with their inherent foolishness."


© 2000 Joey Skaggs